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Usually, most family legal disputes concern children and money. Attorney Craig A. Vigodsky, P.A., focuses on helping clients in the Pensacola area find balanced solutions, not just verdicts or settlements.

The decisions you make today affect you and your family for years, even decades. It is important to enter any divorce action with a clear understanding of the repercussions. An experienced attorney can help you realize your long-term goals, not just your short-term desires.

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If your family issue requires legal intervention, attorney Craig Vigodsky can help you. He assists clients in family legal matters including:

  • DivorceRepresentation in contested and uncontested divorce, military divorce, divorce mediation, spousal support (alimony), and prenuptial and post-marital agreements.
  • Child custody and supportActually, custody is a dated term. Instead, the Florida Statutes address issues of parental responsibility and time sharing through parenting plans. Craig Vigodsky represents clients in negotiations, mediation and in-court litigation to determine parental responsibility and time-sharing arrangements.
  • PaternityArranging for paternity testing on behalf of mothers and fathers to determine the parentage of their children, pursue child support or determine parental rights on behalf of the client.
  • Modifications and relocationsSecuring modifications of child support and spousal support orders based on significant changes of income or certain other personal circumstances. Assistance in obtaining permissions from co-parents and courts to move minor children more than 50 miles, as well as working to block removal requests.

Mediation Works to Save Money and Encourage Longer-Lasting Solutions

Florida is an equitable division state. This means that marital assets—that is, assets acquired during the marriage—must be divided equally between the parties. Although this division is called “equitable,” it may not be fair or equal to you. Equitable division means dividing assets strictly by their monetary value, not their sentimental value or perceived worth. In a court trial, you may have very little control over who gets the house, the cars, family heirlooms or other valuables. In negotiations and mediation, you can influence those decisions and obtain the assets you most want and need.

Retain attorney Craig Vigodsky for help securing accurate valuations of your marital assets and protect those not qualified for division (including assets acquired before your marriage). If needed, he can also defend your interests in negotiation, mediation or a divorce trial.

Of course, mediation and negotiation are useful in other family law matters, too. Through negotiation or mediation, cooperating parties resolve their child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, and child relocation issues. These processes can also secure modifications of court orders, allowing parties to retain control of the outcomes directly affecting them and their loved ones.

In his practice, Craig Vigodsky finds that negotiation and mediation are often the best ways to resolve legal disputes when so much is at stake. By limiting expensive litigation, clients tend to save money and find more satisfaction than through a court trial.

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To discuss your legal matter with an experienced Pensacola family law attorney who understands what you are going through, contact Craig Vigodsky by calling him at (850) 912-8520. Once retained, he always returns calls and responds to correspondence completely and quickly.