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defending-DJIsDomestic Violence Injunctions

Had a Domestic Violence Injunction Filed Against You? We Can Help.

Experienced Family Law & Criminal Defense Guidance for DVI’s

A Domestic Violence Injunction, also known as a DVI, is powerful enough to affect your entire life. In addition to possibly forcing you out of your place of living, a DVI can prevent access to your possessions. This can include basic necessities such as clothing, cash, tools needed for work or other items needed for day-to-day life. This lack of access can perpetuate a lot of the same problems that led to the current situation. Thankfully, with an experienced Family Law & Criminal Defense attorney on your side, you can get back to taking care of your responsibilities.

Defense Lawyer for Responding to Domestic Violence Injunctions

As an experienced criminal defense and family law attorney, Craig Vigodsky worked through both sides of domestic violence injunctions. His experience working from both perspectives allows him to help you regain control of a difficult situation. Occasionally, a DVI is granted without proper grounds. If this is the case in your situation, it is possible to fight the injunction or get it lifted. If the DVI was granted for legitimate reasons,Craig Vigodsky can still help you work through the process and keep it from having a larger effect than needed.

Defense for The Falsely Accused

Although there may no be valid grounds, in situations where a client is falsely accused it can ruin the life of the accused. Whether for spousal assault, child abuse or violence against a significant other, Mr. Vigodsky seeks to have the restraining order overturned. No matter what situation they are facing, he begins by listening to his client’s side of the story and works to defend their perspective in court.

Craig Vigodsky counsels clients by explaining their legal options and guiding them through the difficult decision-making process. Contact Attorney Vigodsky today for experienced guidance through your domestic violence injunction process.