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If you are reading this, chances are you or a loved one have been arrested and are facing charges for a felony crime. Undoubtedly, you know that this type of conviction is extremely serious and can result in years, even decades, of imprisonment. Once convicted, the consequences of these charges may affect every aspect of daily life.

Because attorney Craig Vigodsky is a former state prosecutor, he knows how to defend clients in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. For more than a decade, he has defended clients across the Florida Panhandle accused of serious crimes. Over the years, he has worked to help accused clients limit the effects of arrests and convictions in Pensacola, Florida.

Once retained, Craig Vigodsky works to have your charges dismissed or diminished to non-felony status. If your case goes to trial, he works to prove your innocence. On the other hand, if an acquittal is not possible, he does everything in his power to reduce the penalties of a conviction. Generally, these penalties include hefty fines and even prison time.

Vigorous Defense Against Felony Charges | DUI Manslaughter Lawyer Serving Gulf Breeze, Pensacola And the Florida Panhandle

In Florida, Craig Vigodsky is licensed to defend his clients against felony charges in state courts. For example, he helps individuals facing the following charges:

Drug Crimes

Including the possession, use, sale, manufacture, cultivation, distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs, as well as crimes allegedly committed while under the influence of drugs.

Theft Crimes

Including grand theft, burglary and robbery.

Crimes of Violence

Including child abuse, domestic assault, assault of a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter and homicide (murder).

Sex Crimes

Including sexual assault (rape), sexual contact with a minor, child molestation, lewd and lascivious conduct, soliciting prostitution, and failure to register as a sex offender.

DUI Crimes

Including felony DUI and DUI manslaughter.

Weapon Crimes

Including illegal possession of a firearm or violent crimes aggravated by the brandishing of a knife or firing a firearm.


Including charges related to aggravated stalking.

When the need arises and you are ready to discuss your circumstances with an experienced felony criminal defense attorney in Pensacola, Florida, contact Craig Vigodsky, P.A. by calling (850) 912-8520. Otherwise, you can fill out the form on our Contact page. Mr. Vigodsky offers a free and confidential consultation to his prospective criminal defense clients.